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Speak Out

This online column gives everyone an opportunity to express their point of view. Pieces must be well written, of interest to the Arts Community and not an advertorial for a specific place, event or individual. Writers may query or send completed piece. A SASE must be included with mailed submissions.

Most Recent

Cuba 2018 ~Mural and Steet Photograpy Project By Franc Palaia (March 15, 2018)
The Logistics of Preserving a Cultural Icon David Sheppe (February 10, 2018)
Mixed-Use Properties
Michelle Gambetta (December 10, 2017)
Response to New Study Culture '17
Kathleen Arfmann (November 29, 2017)
New Study Reveals Paradigm Shifts Among Cultural Audiences
Lisa Buchman (November 16, 2017)
Discover India with Viva Kultura by Brinda Raval (August 29, 2017)
Creativity Flows from the Hand: The Case for Longhand Writing Leigh Donaldson ( June 17, 2017)
Poetry- A Language for Current Times Christina Turczyn (May 29, 2017)
On Creativity Strong-Cuevas (April 6, 2017)
How about Art Repositories? Karl Volk (February 24, 2017)
Time is Out of Joint Joseph P. Griffith ( February 8, 2017)
Ode to Anticipation Wendy Caster ( November 2016)
Artistic Creativity Marian Odenwald ( July 2016)
Pat Allen’s Open Studio as a Form of Group Art Therapy by Elizabeth Bram (Summer 2016)
Designing a Successful Arts District by Lawrence E. McCullough, Ph.D. (November 2015 online)
What Qualifies as Art?
Maxwell Schwartz (August 2015 online)
Women making art
Sonia Stark (July 2015 online)
Art: to Express or Impress with a list of Do's and Don'ts
Trishna Patnaik (April online 2015)
Hope and Healing
Lisa Wersal (Spring 2015)
Jeffrey Sussman: Investing in Art
(Winter 2014)
Creativity and a response to Raymond J. Steiner's writings
by Marie Liu (Summer 2014)
3D Printing and the dizzying new possibilities for art
by Ivan Fernandez (May 2014 online)
Public Art Inspires Change in Milwaukee’s Dilapidated Areas
Sarah Flagg (January 2014 online)
Pure Harmony: Painting while legally blind
Tammy Ruggles (August online 2013)
Capturing Artists
Jeffrey Sussman (Summer 2013)
The Drawing Galaxy by Meredith Rosier
(April online 2013)
A State of Art: Maine's Influence on African-American Artists
Leigh Donaldson (Spring 2013)
What is Art?
Frank Barron (Jan/ Feb 2013)
The Beauty of Forests…
Will Pomeroy (Jan/ Feb 2013)
Material Awards
Diana de Santis (December 2012 online)
Online Art Exhibitions
Roger Rossi (Sept/ Oct 2012 and August online 2012)
Artist Studio Tours
Carla Goldberg (August online 2012)
How Many Upgrades Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?
Joseph P. Griffith (July/ August 2012)
Shen Yun Chinese Classical Dance
Betty Wang (April 2012)
Art Roadie Randy DeVillez (January/ February 2012)
A Call for Artistry: Writing is an art form, not just a means for displaying facts.
William Pomeroy (Nov/ Dec 2011)
Is it art, or is it compost?
Lisa Weral (Sept/ Oct 2011)
Afrian Art of the 20th Century & Beyond Olga Spencer (May/ June 2011)
Invisible Past, Invisible Future: A German’s alternative response to the Holocaus Mark Callaghan (Nov/ Dec 2010)
For the Love of Dancing
J. Alexandra Marshall (Sep/ Oct 2010)
A Cautionary Tale for Those with a Studio or Home Office by Cornelia Seckel (Mar/ Apr 2010)
An exploration of the Lighton International Artists Exchange Program
By BJ Alderman (online Apr 2010)
Contemporary Art Has Run it's Course
by Michael X. Rose (Online Feb 2010)
Art? Craft? Whimsy? by Lisa Wersal (Jan/ Feb 2010)
Faking it in Shenzhen by Mark Callaghan (Sept/ Oct 2009)
When does Craft become Art (Sept/ Oct 2009)
Reports of Newspapers' Death are not Exaggerated (May 2009)
Alternative Digital Printmaking and its Tribal Roots (April 2009)
Prepublished by W.E. Reinka (March 2009);
Energy & Emotionalism in Art
by Jeanne Heiberg (January /February 2009)
Showcasing Young Artists by John Coyne (January /February 2009)
Can art audience? by Lars Aagaard-Mogensen (December 2008)
How We Musick by Lisa Wersal (October 2008)
What is Art Therapy? by Giora Carmi (September 2008)
How it all began… by Cornelia Seckel (July/ August 2008)
What to Do with Your Art Collection by Gary M. Schuster, Esq. (April 2008)
Old Versus New by Henry P. Raleigh (March 2008)
New Law Promotes Arts “Shared Use” Spaces by Gary M. Schuster, Esq (November 2007)
The Creative Industries - An Engine for Economic Developmentby Gary M. Schuster (October 2007)
The Excellent Wrtier WithinbyMichael Levy(May 2007)
Artist Mother and Child
by Helen Shalfi (April 2007)
Got Culture? Get Folk Music Lisa Wersal (March 2007)
Art as Meditation: Ways to Peace and Awareness through Painting
by Susan Squellati Florence and Patty Van Dyke (October 2006)
Who Wrote That Song Gary M Schuster, ESQ (Sept 2006)
In the Eye of the Beholder By Lisa Marie Wersal (June 2006)
The Price of Celebrity Barbara Anton, Esq. (May, 2006)
The Revolution will be Televised—but you'll need cable to get it Joseph P. Griffith (April 2006)
You Get What You Deserve Henry P. Raleigh March 2006
New York Municipal theme Districts Act Gary M Schuster ESQ (J/F 2006)
Involve the Public in the Arts Marion R. Behr & Omri M. Behr (Sept 2005)
The Critic - Maximizers and Satisficers
Francis Raven ( August 2005)
The Artist and War Si Lewin(July, 2005)
The NYS Cultural Development Areas Act Gary M. Schuster, Esq. (June, 2005)
To Understand a Painting, You Need a Chair Timothy Hawkesworth (April, 2005)
Be an Arts Angel Gary M. Schuster, Esq. (Jan/Feb, 2005)
Exploring the Healing Power of Art John Coyne (Dec, 2004)
Tips for an Emerging Artist(Sept, 2004)
Review: Impressions: Paintings by Raymond J. Steiner by Timothy Clark (Aug, 2004)
A Dance with Lady Baldwin(Jul, 2004)
On Being An Artists Model(May, 2004)
In Praise of the Humble Sketch Book (April, 2004)
Reflections on Art for the Future (Mar, 2004)
The Plight of the Emerging Artist(Jan/Feb, 2004)
El Greco Walked the Streets of New York (Dec, 2003)
Seduction by Theatre - A Life Raft?(Sept, 2003)
A Theory of the Aesthetic (Jul, 2003)
The Power of Art (June, 2003)
The Emergence of the Teaching Artist (May, 2003)
African Art ( March, 2003)
On Being Taught Not to Flyby Ed Rubin ( October 2003)
The Future of Figurative Art (July, 1999)