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Speak Out: What Qualifies as Art?

By Maxwell Schwartz
ART TIMES online August 2015

A TWO-YEAR old girl was shown on TV recently (6/24/15) painting an abstract. She was sitting in the middle of the painting with roller in hand. The works were, in my "critique" [sic] opinion, very talented in a certain venue. You could not tell from, let's say, a Clifford Still, Stella, Kelly or…an elephant or monkey painting.

The TV clip showed her at work holding a paint brush (loaded) and a roller sitting on the canvas. Her paintings sell for $500.00. What qualifies as art? Can we call it diaper art?

My granddaughter, Lindsey, while at college, produced a very large (12' x 6') canvas. She put on a bikini, squirted paint on her hair and rolled around the canvas. The completed work looked like a Pollack. PROBLEM: how to get the paint out of her hair. We called local art stores and the paint manufacturers but that's another story.

Does she have a career in bikini art?

Back to the two-year-old girl genius. She used paint brushes and rollers and the seat of her diaper. This is one for the record books.

(Maxwell Schwartz lives in Freeport, NY).

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