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New: New York Theater Ballet~ A Perfect Chamber Ballet Company
                      by Dawn Lille
New: Art for the Public by Merritt Minnemeyer
Are Revivals Sexist? Does It Matter?
by Wendy Caster
Cuba 2018 ~Mural and Steet Photograpy Project
by Franc Palaia
Kay WalkingStick~An American Artist
           at Montclair Art Museum
Christina Turczyn
“Cross That River” Review by Jacquie Wolf
Poetry by Cathy Porter, Michael Skau
New Fiction: Art Lover by Annette Taylor
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New Dance: New York Theater Ballet: A Perfect Chamber Ballet Company
By Dawn Lille
Photo by Julie Lemberger
Photo by Julie Lemberger

…Byer, who bravely faces the challenge of running a small arts organization in a major arts capitol, chose three short and rarely performed Robbins works because she found them charming and capable of adding a different feeling to the well known Robbins repertory. She points out that the entire dance world knows his work, but only through eight longer pieces. Her own teachers, Tudor and Margaret Craske, spoke often of these “little ballets,” and she strongly feels they should be danced in order to add to our knowledge of Robbins.…(see essay)

New ~ Help Desk 4 Creatives: Art for the Public
By Merritt Minnemeyer
Be the Change you want to see in the World

…The opportunities in public art are many… . Perhaps it is a mural project meant to reflect and inspire an urban downtown, or a sculpture garden that enlivens bucolic rolling hills. Or maybe it is a program meant to teach and support an underserved population. The possibilities run the gamut of discipline, audience, and venue. Imagine what you could create with all of that new inspiration!.…(see essay)

Theater: Are Revivals Sexist? Does it Matter?
By Wendy Caster
My Fair Lady poster

Periodically, old shows with iffy depictions of women are revived on Broadway. People, mostly but not all women, complain about those depictions. Then other people complain about the complaints. Rinse and repeat. …Speaking for myself (and I suspect many people would agree with me), I cannot just sit back and enjoy a show that doesn’t respect me. Nor can I just sit back and enjoy a show that makes me invisible or insults me.

And why should I? (see essay)

Art Review: Kay WalkingStick~An American Artist
           at Montclair Art Museum
By Christina Turczyn
Fun Home
Kay WalkingStick
Over Lolo Pass, 2003 Charcoal, gouache, and encaustic on paper 25X50 inches Collection of the Artist

When I look at Kay WalkingStick's Farewell to the Smokies (2007) in which haunting, barely outlined figures walk away from their land during the Trail of Tears, I think of her powerful, genre-breaking work in a political light, about the ways in which works such as Where are the Generations (1991), or Who Stole My Sky (1971) challenge the viewer to enter a world that has been driven from landscape, as words may be loosed from their histories, set adrift from meanings by the violence of neglect. In the latter painting, stacked canvas leads to a cobalt focal point. Like words, clouds disappear as they eye travels to the center of the work.. (see essay)

Speak Out: Cuba   2018 ~
                    Mural and Street Photography Project
By Franc Palaia

…I went to the same places where I photographed interesting murals five years ago, and was disappointed that they were painted over. The walls had a fresh coat of Cuban blue or green. Pretty, but not very interesting. By covering up the street art, Havana has lost some of its character and soul. Believe me, I do want Cuba to improve and clean up its historic architecture, but the free spirit of street murals added a spunk that was desperately missing. ..… (see essay)

Theater: Cross That River
By Jacquie Wolf
Fun Home

…Historians estimate that 1 in 4 cowboys was Black. Surprising, of course, because we have not been subject to accurate representations of race and gender in most of our entertainment and too many of us accept entertainment as reality. We are a nation of diversity, but we manage to dismiss huge parts of our society in favor of the washed-out versions of film and theater. This show has all the merits to stand on its own as a fine story and musical; it is a bonus that it can also address our color-blind version of American History…. (see essay)