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Bio: Cornelia Seckel ~ Publisher, Juror, Arts Advocate and Public Speaker

Cornelia Seckel

Seckel is the publisher of ART TIMES, a publication she co-founded with Raymond J. Steiner in 1984 that serves the cultural corridor of the Northeast and provides commentary and resources for all the arts. Now transformed and exclusively online after 33 years in print, arttimesjournal continues to be the go-to source for resources and for Creatives seeking insights. Her work has always been with people and information, connecting people with themselves, other individuals and organizations whether she was teaching Secondary school, working at crisis intervention centers, or career counseling. and is currently. She is an Honorary Vice President and Board member of The National Association of Women Artists, Inc.; a member of Artists Fellowship, Inc.; Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, NYC; the Salmagundi Cllub, the Alliance of Women Entrepreneaurs and NOW and has been associated with ArtTable, Inc. and Pen & Brush, Inc. In addition to her work with arttimesjournal, she frequently judges art shows and gives talks to Arts Organizations on various topics including “How to get the attention of the Media”. See profile by Raymond J. Steiner and article by Marji Yablon