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PEEKS AND PIQUES! and Glimpses

Peeks and Piques! Written by Raymond J. Steiner (1933-2019), Co-founder, Editor, and Art Critic of ART TIMES/ arttimesjournal, this column/editorial gave him a chance to vent his feelings about any number of issues related to the creative spirit.

Glimpses a collection of ruminations from travels 1989-2011 originally intended as a small book. Written by Raymond J. Steiner (1933-2019), Co-founder, Editor, and Art Critic of ART TIMES/ arttimesjournal

Narita, Japan

Peeks and Piques! From Raymond J. Steiner archives

(reposted July 29)
Huh? Good and Bad Art (reposted June 25, 2021)
Art's own Purpose (reposted April 24, 2021)
Thirty-five years in partnership (reposted Feb 28, 2021)
(re-posted July 16, 2020)
What makes Art "Art"?
(re-posted July 16, 2020)
Taste and Opinions
(re-posted February 25, 2020)
What You See is What You Get
(re-posted January 19, 2020)
Expertise 1991
(re-posted Nov 24, 2019)

On Writing The Mountain— Before and After (July 22, 2018)
There Is Still Hope… (January 6, 2018)
Art is Seldom Far From my Thoughts (Sept 29, 2017)
Taking Stock: Reflection of ART TIMES as a digital-only magazine (March 12, 2017)
35 Years with Cornelia Seckel End of ART TIMES print
(Summer 2016)
Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana at Kaatsbaan May 2016
(Spring 2016)
Huh? Good and Bad Art
(Winter 2015)
Selling Art
(November 2015)
Cost, Value & Taste Redux
(Fall 2015)
Tastes and Opinions
(Summer 2015)
Standing Inside the Artist
(Spring 2015)
On Modern Art
(Winter 2014)
Art on my walls are visits with Old Friends
(Fall 2014)
It's all about Me
(Spring 2014 online)
art ‘n kids: Future Emerging Artists
(Summer 2014)
Learning Curve
(May 2014 online)
Why artists and artwriting? (Spring 2014)
Why artists and artwriting?
(February 2014 online)
Artistic Value vs. Market Value
(Winter 2013)
What makes Art "Art"?
(November 2013 online)
The 2013 Saugerties Artist Tour (October 2013 online)
The Traveling Easel: A Gift from Chen Chi and with it some of Chi's Essence /
Fall 2013
What You See, is What You Get
/ Summer 2013
Art as a Means of Human Expression
May 2013
The Sketch Book
Spring 2013
Jan/ Feb 2013
Nov/ Dec 2012
Sept/ Oct 2012
Occupy your mind and do something productive
July/ August 2012
Nascent creative urges to draw and dance
May/ June 2012
Solitude vs. Society
April online 2012
Creativity revisited…………
March/ April 2012
Creativity —Source Good or Bad?
Feb 2012 online
Dec 2011 online; Jan/ Feb 2012 print
Nov/ Dec 2011
Burdens and Gifts from artists to their children and spouses
Sept/ Oct 2011
Reginato's, My secret get-a-way
July/ August 2011
June 2011 online
Maple Syrup
May/ June 2011
March/ April 2011
Art as Communication Jan/ Feb 2011
Landscape Painting
November/ December 2010
Oct online 2010
Change the Language
Sept/ Oct 2010
Sam Rein- In Memoriam
online August 2010
City Boy - Country Boy
July/ Aug 2010
An Evening of Surprises at The Salmagundi Club, NYC
online June 2010
Believing Your Own Eyes
May / June 2010
Tell Me a Lie
Mar/ Apr 2010
Beauty Redux
Jan/ Feb 2010
Nov/ Dec 2009
Sept/ Oct 2009
History July/August 2009
June 2009
Extraordinary People
May 2009
(April 2009)
(March 2009)
Feeling vs Knowing
January / February 2009)
(December 2008)
(November 2008)
The High Price of Ignorance
(October 2008)
What I did on My Summer Vacation (
September 2008)
(July August 2008)
Woodstock's Ups and Downs
(June 2008)
Are Artists Born?
(May 2008)
Sanctum Sanctorum
(April 2008)
(March 2008)
I'm a Reader
(January February 2008)
Going On Strike
(December 2007)
Autumn in New York
(November 2007)
(October 2007)
Queen of the Night
(September 2007)
Pushing the Envelope
(Jul/Aug 2007)
(June 2007)
Representational Art
(May 2007)
Looking at Roses through World-Colored Glasses
(April 2007)
Favorite Art Books
March 2007)
Writing and the Arts
(Jan/Feb 2007)
Carpe Diem
(December 2006)
En Plein Air
(November 2006)
(October 2006)
Words, Words, Words…
(September 2006)
(July/August 2006)
(June 2006)
Solo Exhibition
(May 2006)
(April 2006)
Readiness is All
(March 2006)
(Jan/Feb 2006)
Artists as Seers
(December 2005)
Lessons 2
(November 2005)
(October 2005)
It's Back to School Time (September 2005)
The Mission of Art
(August 2005)
(July, 2005)
(June, 2005)
(May, 2005)
In the Beginning
(April, 2005)
Europe 2005
(March, 2005)
A Dying Animal
(Jan/Feb, 2005)
The Claude Glass
(Dec, 2004)
Art & Spirituality
(Nov, 2004)
Intimate Journals
(Oct, 2004)
Political Art
(Sept, 2004)
(Jul, 2004)
Time: Margaret A. Johns
(Jun, 2004)
The Stone Wall
(May, 2004)
Peeks & Piques!
(Apr, 2004)
Florence Biennial
(Mar, 2004)
Understanding Art
(Jan/Feb, 2004)
The Loss
(Dec, 2003)
On Making Opinions
(Nov, 2003)
New Products From Various Art Suppliers
(Oct, 2003)
Condemned to Repeat History
(Sept, 2003)
August Peeks & Piques
(Aug, 2003)
Talent vs. Genius
(Jul, 2003)
Art in a Literate Society
(Jun, 2003)
Art & War
(May, 2003)
(Mar, 2003)
Stretching the Mind (October, 2002)
Wasting Time (August, 1999)
The Vision Thing (September, 1998)
Readable But Stupid (July, 1996)
Why Is It (July, 1995)
Money (March, 1995)
Ego (March, 1994)
Trendsetting (January, 1993)
Believing is Seeing (January, 1992)
Expertise (September, 1991)

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