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It was a hard decision but we have “bitten the bullet” and went Green and Global. The Summer 2016 issue of ART TIMES marked the beginning of our 33rd year, our 314th Issue and our final ink on paper Issue.

The story of how we began can be found at In 1984 I was in a great state of anxiety to begin this venture/business, as I had no experience in journalism or printing. What I did have was Raymond, an excellent partner, and I also had faith that I could learn what I needed to learn. It was a steep learning curve and I acquired the skills of desktop publishing, marketing and running a business. Today, I’m 33 years older and have another steep learning curve. We have had strong and consistent presence online for 13 years and for the last 10 I have been managing the site with help from various techies. We will continue to publish online at updating frequently with new essays, videos, staff and guest blogs, calendar and opportunity listings and other resources. There will be lots of color images, links to all sorts of interesting things and if there is a typo or other glitches, it’s easily fixed.

For several years I've been engaging in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and started a blog that takes the place of my Culturally Speaking column. In my Blog there are categories that include: What’s Up, Travel and Culture, Out and About, Thoughts, and I have been reprinting press releases I get from major museums. The site is evolving, my Blog is evolving and I am providing links to guest Blogs & Videos and now considering Demos that Creatives would be interested in. Raymond’s Blog will continue with his editorials and his Peek and Piques!

Since making this announcement I have received dozens of letters expressing support, sadness, appreciation and understanding. They are heartwarming and offer support as we move forward.

We are confident that our decision is a good one, since we will now be providing a global stage for not only our advertisers but for our ever-growing cultural community of creatives as well. And, what could be wrong with going Green by eliminating the spread of more paper products? We hope that you will engage with arttimes online, follow and like us in all the social media outlets and spread the word to your social media contacts. We are taking a leap of faith (as I did 33 years ago) that it will work and with your continued support, I am sure it will.

So my head is full, I'm waking up thinking about the various and different ways to do things and am certainly open to your thoughts.

We continue to need your support with advertising and adding to the resources we offer. Calendar listings should be submitted via the online form ( and opportunity listings emailed to Send me your email address and I can add you to the growing list of people and organizations who want updates.

In the Summer 2013 issue of (ART TIMES) I wrote: (and couldn’t say it any better today) “This issue marks the beginning of our 30th year of publishing ART TIMES. Throughout the years we have met fine people, traveled to places I never expected to get to (e.g., Singapore and China), attended wonderful exhibitions, concerts, theater and dance performances. Doing this work has enriched my life, challenged and engaged my intellect, and fed my soul. I can only thank you, our readers and our advertisers, for encouraging us with your support. Raymond J. Steiner, co-founder, editor and arts writer makes sure that in each issue there are interesting essays, new poetry and short fiction for you to read. My job has always been to make the paper happen. I sell the ads, manage the business and create the final product in print and online. It is more work than I ever imagined but when I get feedback about how important the paper is to our readers I am encouraged to go on to the next issue.”

Thank you in advance for sharing and traveling this exciting new path with us.

Cornelia Seckel
845-246-6944 or email: