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~ On Writing the Mountain— Before and After by Raymond J. Steiner
Still more to read on Raymond J. Steiner's Blog

Art Essay The World Around Summit 2021: House of the Earth
By Christina Turczyn
April 28, 2021
“Revolution” is a word that can be applied to the World Around Summit 2021: Architecture's Now, Near, and Next, curated by Beatrice Galilee at the Guggenheim on January 30 of this year. The ?summit arose from a collaboration between twenty international thought leaders and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and centered upon contemporary issues of social justice, the violence of systemic racism, the imagination, collaboration, climate change, narrative, and socioeconomic equity. (see essay)
Raymond J. Steiner From Peek and Piques Archives Art's own Purpose

By Raymond J. Steiner (May 1, 1933—March 5, 2019)
Originally published May, 2013

LIKE DANCE, music, and the spoken or written word, is a means of human expression, a "way" for one human to transmit a "message" to other human beings. As music (sound), stimulates us through the ear, or language (words written and spoken), stimulates the intellect, art, or image-making, "appeals" to the eye and, like the other means of expression, has its own "vocabulary", its own "grammatical " rules to insure clarity of understanding. ...It is also generally believed that of the four means of human expression — (dance) movement, music (sound), image-making (visual), language  — their occurrence in human evolution follows the above order. It is also often claimed that our last "invention", i.e. words, is perhaps our worst means of communication (consider the U.N.). (see essay)