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~ On Writing the Mountain— Before and After by Raymond J. Steiner
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From Peek and Piques Archives There is Still Hope

By Raymond J. Steiner (May 1, 1933—March 5, 2019)

(Originally published: January 6, 2018)
... Yet, the real truth is that in spite of my last 40 years dabbling in “art”, the only inconvertible ‘truth’ I have discovered is that opinion rules and that no one has yet discovered an authoritative definition of “art” — me included since my “knowledge” is only based on endless page-turning and tramping around the world. Some, in fact, have even declared that “art” is dead! Not even my picking up of brush and palette knife some 20 years ago to paint landscapes, all I am “sure” of is that I try to “reproduce” three-dimensional Nature on a two-dimensional flat surface. So the “pomposity” is probably nothing more than a smoke-screen trying to obscure my ignorance... (see essay)