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New for August
Cornelia Seckel's Blog (or what will be a blog) Newest posts
Raymond J. Steiner: critique of Kari Feur at The Betsy Jacaruso Studio & Gallery
Raymond J. Steiner: New Blog~ Writer, Yes; Painter, ?
Henry P. Raleigh Film:
What's Really Going on in Film?
Maxwell Schwartz Speaks Out: What Qualifies as Art?
Dawn Lille
Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center
Eva Jana Siroka The Habsburgs: A New Fashion on the Art and Culture Scene


Summer issue essays:
Henry P. Raleigh on Film- I Know You'll Love it;
Dawn Lille on Three Dance Companies at The Joyce
Justie Bayon Espoz on Jose Carlos Martinez;

Cornelia Seckel's Cultural Scene
Norman Kolpas Round Top Music Festival;
Rena Tobey on Theresa Bernstein;
Raymond J. Steiner on Tastes and Opinions;
Mary Alice Franklin on Time Saving Tips for Social Media;

Cornelia Seckel on her Travels to Nashville;

New for July
Dawn Lille reviews: Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Mark Morris Dance Group, Paul Taylor’s American Dance Company and the new Broadway show American in Paris
Sonia Stark writes about Women Making Art
Henry P. Raleigh Film:
Tilda Swinton Told Me

NEW for August~ Critique: Kari Feuer: Guest artist
@ The Betsy Jacaruso Studio & Gallery
By Raymond J. Steiner
drawing by Henry P. Raleigh
Sun in the Clouds

… Kari Feuer is exhibiting a little more than a dozen of her oil landscapes at Betsy Jacaruso’s airy, tastefully appointed gallery/studio, sharing space with many of Betsy’s own lovely watercolors along with several of the works of Betsy's students and friends of the Cross River Artists — the whole offering a heady, soul-enriching visual jaunt through the Hudson River Valley’s many, many beautiful surroundings of nature. Surely, the Hudson River School of Art, founded by the landscapist Thomas Cole back in the mid-1800s, will continue to inspire our present-day artists . .. (see essay)

NEW for August~ Speak Out: What Qualifies as Art?
By Maxwell Schwartz

…My granddaughter, Lindsey, while at college, produced a very large (12' x 6') canvas. She put on a bikini, squirted paint on her hair and rolled around the canvas. The completed work looked like a Pollack. PROBLEM: how to get the paint out of her hair. We called local art stores and the paint manufacturers but that's another story.
Does she have a career in bikini art? ... (see essay)

NEW ~ Film: What's really going on in Film
By Henry P. Raleigh

I ran across this item in the New York Times Store gift list of oddities and antiques - going for $950 is a chromed Smith-Corona typewriter circa 1950. An antique? An oddity? OK, I guess there are those few around who don’t know what typewriters are and the 50’s are a distant and little known past. Still, there is something of concern here and it’s all explained by a recent bestseller, Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century(see essay)

New for August Dance: Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center, NYC
By Dawn Lille
The Lindy photo: Manuel de la Nuez.

To be out of doors during a NYC summer evening is an adventure in seeing and hearing and it is possible to attend a variety of performances all over town, both free and paid. Midsummer Night Swing in Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center is one that seems to create a community among those present and is quintessential New York.…
… Styles were swing, rock n’ roll, disco, rhythm and blues, mambo, New Orleans traditional jazz, funk, soul and tango. . (see essay)

New Art Essay: THE HABSBURGS: A New Fashion on the Art and Culture Scene?
By Eva Jana Siroka

Imperial Vienna. The city of my dreams. It was so close, and yet so far! In June 1965, my family and I said goodbye to our native land on the grounds of Devín Castle, perched high over the military zone between former Czechoslovakia and Austria. Across the Danube, less than 40 miles from the barbed wire fence, stood the heart and soul of the former Habsburg Empire. Since then, I have visited Vienna a number of times, crossing the now open border to my native Bratislava, each time with less trepidation..…(see essay)

Speak Out: Women Making Art
By Sonia Stark

I do understand that when we speak of “art” there is another level to be aimed for:, one that reaches outside the immediate. Many women have reached that pinnacle and produced great masterpieces, but let’s not forget the more personal form, the work that reaches out simply and without hubris. This is the art that surrounds us and enriches our everyday lives. (see essay)

Travel and Culture: Nashville- Country Music & much more
By Cornelia Seckel
The Grand Ole Opry began just five years after commercial radio was born in the United States.

I’m not a country music person, but I am now after spending 5 days in Nashville, where country music is part of the air one breathes. Visiting the Musicians Hall of Fame gave me a deeper appreciation for the musicians behind the performer: the composer, lyricist, sound engineer. .…
(see essay)
The Grand Ole Opry began just five years after commercial radio was born in the United States

Art Essay: Theresa Bernstein and “In The Elevated”
By Rena Tobey
Theresa Bernstein at her easel with the lost painting Moonlight Masquerade, 1915

In the early 1900s, the emerging New Woman artist began to depict her world in bold ways, distinct from her predecessors. While benefitting from the breakthroughs of preceding generations, these modern women asserted their professional identities and demanded the same kind of recognition as their male colleagues. Theresa Bernstein (1890–2002) typified this New Woman artist. (see essay)

Theresa Bernstein at her easel with the lost painting Moonlight Masquerade, 1915. Photo as reproduced in Gail Levin, ed., Theresa Bernstein: A Century in Art and the related website.
Peek and Pique: Tastes and Opinions
By Raymond J. Steiner

The old French adage, "Chacun à son goût" ("To each his own taste") — is put less elegantly by an unnamed American: "An opinion is like an anus; everyone has one and they all stink!" Unfortunately, 'artspeak' is entirely made up only of "tastes" and "opinions" making critiques, reviews, and explications of art, that are, in the end, merely 'arguments' without 'factual' basis to support the artwriter's "tastes" and/or "opinions.…(see essay)

Get Social   Time Saving Tips for Social Media
By Mary Alice Franklin
social media icons

Who has time to play around on social media when there is artwork to be created? If you’re interested in staying visible in today’s fast-paced world, then the answer should be you. Dismissing social media has become something of a bygone era. Social media is not only helpful, but is necessary and vital to almost any business, no matter the size. It’s true that it can take up a tremendous amount of your time –.... (see essay)

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