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I am so vey excited to have published the last ART TIMES ink on paper magazine issue as we have gone Green and Global with arttimes online. Check back regularly for current announcements, blogs, videos, essays, advertisersí information and up-to-date Calendar and Opportunity Listings. There are so many more possibilities being online. We invite you to submit your blogs, videos for consideration.

New Fiction by Margaret Hermes Radical Surgery
Alexandra Hanson-Harding International Print Show 2016

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Art Review: International Print Fair 2016
By Alexandra Hanson-Harding
Picasso Woodcutprinted on fabric. Photo: Dorothy Cochran

"As a student of printmaking, says Alexandra Hanson-Harading, I was absolutely astonished by the incredible range of possibilities that different artists brought to paper. Printmaking is difficult, technical, and expensive. There are any number of ways it can go wrong and very few can get it right. I was in heavan at the International Print Fair. "
In a city crowded with a million possible things to do, it can be hard to take in all of them. I am going to be putting the International Print Fair on my list of “Must Do” annual events. (see essay)
Picasso Woodcutprinted on fabric. Photo: Dorothy Cochran

Art: Arshile Gorky
By Ina Cole
David Smith Star Cage

Water of the Flowery Mill (1944) is one of a series of landscape-inspired works Arshile Gorky produced during the last few years of his life. The painting’s subject is an old mill and bridge on the Housatonic River in Connecticut, near the artist’s hometown of Sherman, but it also reveals the artist’s nostalgia for Armenia;… (see essay)

Arshile Gorky, Water of the Flowery Mill (1944)

Speak Out: Ode to Anticipation
By Wendy Caster
Debbie Reynolds in Irene
Debbie Reynolds in Irene

When I was a teenager, my week revolved around the Sunday New York Times Arts and Leisure section, with its robust and exciting theatre section. On particularly good weeks, my parents would decide to drive on Saturday night to the store that got the Times early. That was a real treat.
I remember leafing through the paper in the store to make sure that every section was there. Well, maybe not all of them—I wouldn't have missed the business or auto section—but the big three: Arts & Leisure, Book Review, and the Magazine.(see essay)

Dance: Incognito: Physical Theater from London
All Quiet On The Western Front
By Dawn Lille
Antonio Gades
The Incognito Company

…Incognito is comprised of five young men who met in a drama class at an all boys school, Dulwich College, London, where they still rehearse. They decided to continue working together as they embarked upon full time studies at different drama schools, creating shows, usually adaptations of classical texts, during the summer holidays. This is the third one they have taken to Edinburgh. …
(see essay)

Dance: Edinburgh Festival Fringe
By Justine Bayod Espoz
Resident Island Dance Theatre
Poliana & Unge

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is best known for being the largest performing arts festival in the world. With over 3000 performances taking place during the 2016 edition, it seems there’s no real limit to the festival’s magnitude. Although the vast majority of productions featured are presented by British companies and artists, one gets the feeling that Fringe organizers, venues and audiences are beginning to pay more attention to international productions.. (see essay)