Art Students League of NY a history by Raymond J. Steiner

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by Raymond J. Steiner

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From its humble beginnings in a twenty-by thirty-foot "cockloft" on the fourth floor of a building at 108 Fifth Avenue in New York City to its palatial home at 215 West 57th Street, the Art Students League of New York has grown from what was in the spring and summer of 1875 a startlingly innovative concept to one of the world's most respected art schools.

Since its inception in 1875 and throughout the 20th century, the Art Students League of New York has been a major force in the course of events which caused the art capital of the world to move from Europe to New York City. Intimately involved with almost every significant art movement in this country, its roll of students and instructors represents a veritable "Who's Who" of American art.

This is its story.

“…[caught] the spirit and richness of a school that dominated the art world during my tenure.”
—Will Barnet, Artist, NYC

“…written with intelligence, warmth and passion…an invaluable work…” —Everett Raymond Kinstler, Artist, NYC

“…archival photos …are, all by themselves, worth the price of admission.” —Tad Richards, Woodstock Times

“…a very delightful retrospective of a colorful institution…We dipped into the book…and didn't dip out…” —Ann LaFarge, Taconic Papers

“…highly readable…” —Artworks, Newsletter of National Art League, NYC

“…Steiner presents a spirited story of growth, development, and tradition.” —FYI, New York Foundation for the Arts, NYC

“…an insightful and spirited study of this formidable institution…” —Gordon Dane, Manhattan Arts International, NYC

“A welcome addition to our library…” —Brian Hannon, The International Fine Print Dealers Assn., NYC

“…[Steiner] is a masterful writer and has made the those years at the League come alive for me!” —Mrs. Hampton H. Wayte, Artist, Richmond, VA

“An easy read from cover to cover… has the potential to be a best seller.” —Carol Sims, Antiques and The Arts Weekly, Newton, CT

“…very engaging and informative.” —Carolou Faller Kristofik. Artist, Middleburgh, NY

“…wonderful, informative and interesting…” —Louise K. Reisman, NYC

“A quick run-through stirs up much delightful nostalgia and promises weeks of happy memories” —Harry Sternberg, Escondido, CA

“…an engrossing and instructive story of teaching, learning and creating…” —Hacker Art Books, Book Sellers, NYC

“what a great job” —Dohn Cluff, Franklin, MA

“I can't stop reading it; it's fascinating and written beautifully” — Art Seiden, Woodmere, NY

“I am happy to be a part of it” —Carol Lyons, Ardsley On Hudson, NY

“great job love the book congratulations” —Elena Zang, Woodstock, NY

“A must read for all people associated with the arts” —Anthony Krauss, Woodstock, NY

“an elegant book in appearance and content” —Elizabeth Mowry, Kingston, NY

“the jacket and cover copy has me champing at the bit” —Leta Nadler, Pacific Palisades, CA

“It is beautiful!” —Sheldon Cholst, M.D., New York, NY

“completely fascinating” —Doris Andrews, The Weir Farm Trust, Ridgefield, CT

“What a great book!! a big, valuable work” —Heinrich J. Jarczyk, Cologne, Germany

“What an achievement. You are now a member of the distinguished historians of our era. Congratulations” —Florence Lonsford, New York, NY

“almost finished reading the book. It is fantastic!!” —Kristy Bishop, Saugerties, NY

“your book brings to life all the excitement of learning to draw and paint at the League as well as learning the philosophies involved” —
Anne Riblett, Middletown, NY

“quite an achievement and warrants its place among the histories of art institutions” —Mary Blackey, Bristol, PA

“clear, conversational and in the spirit of Rosina's original request” —Paula Nelson Kleinhans, West Hurley, NY

“Bless you for taking on the History” —Joan Sullivan, Larchmont, NY

“Kudos to you who has taken on certain artistic poetry which may have been forgotten÷I am flushed with emotions” —Martha Bloom, Westport, CT

“it is a handsomely produced book and I am delighted to have it” —Frank Sypher

“very impressive” —Aida Born, West Palm Beach, FL
“…[Steiner] wrote of the artists [he] met with affection;” ‹Earl Hubbard, Artist, Falls Village, C

T“…I devoured the book in one sitting (lasting until 3am)…” —Maryann Bonito, Crafts at Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck, NY

“…a lovingly written portrait of the Art Students League.” —Claire Paisner, Pastel Society of America, NYC

“…interesting and exciting to read, not boring as some historical publications can be, and well worth the reading.” —Fredericka Taylor, Mountain Eagle, Lifestyles, Catskill, NY

“…inspiring and joyful to read.” —Gordon Webster, Artist (Barbados)

“What a beautiful volume, a labor of love.” —Vivian Ackerman, Artist, Great Neck, NY

“It speaks of home sweet home to me…” —Candasa. Artist, NYC

“…a fascinating and beautifully written story…” —Lillian Sten-Nicholson, Artist, Barbados Museum & Historical Society, Barbados

“I'm enjoying it immensely!” —Laraine Jablon, Artist, Hauppauge, NY

“I have enjoyed every word and only wish it were longer…” —Albert L. Bross, Jr., Artist, New Vernon, NJ

“It's a treasure of memories of events and friends…” —May Janko, Artist, NYC


RAYMOND J. STEINER is editor/art critic for ART TIMES, a literary journal that provides commentary and resources for the fine and performing arts, which he co-founded in 1984. He has profiled over 100 American and European artists and regularly reviews or critiques art exhibits and art books. Among the books he has authored are 23 Woodstock Artists; Heinrich J. Jarczyk: Toward a Vision of Wholeness; Heinrich J. Jarczyk: Etchings 1968—1998; The Art Students League of New York: A History; Quarry Rubble (a book of poetry) and The Mountain: a novel. Steiner has written the introductions to many art catalogues and has lectured on art-related subjects both here and abroad. His works have been translated into German, French, Italian and Chinese. He is a member of the American Society for Aesthetics, the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), the Salmagundi Club, and Artist’s Fellowship, Inc. for which he served as Vice President.

Mr. Steiner is also called upon from time to time to lecture on art subjects and has done so in the US and Europe.

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