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Critiques by Raymond J. Steiner
A complete list of critiques (since 1984) will be available soon.

This partial list of Steiner's critiques were written for ART TIMES and can be read by going to
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Doris Downes at Ward Pound Ridge (Jul/Aug 2008
Sylvia Weinberg at Resevoir Inn Raymond J. Steiner (May 2008)
Barbara Green at Lotus Fine Art by Raymond J. Steiner (October 2007)
Pier Augusto Breccia at the Roma Palazzo Venezia by Raymond J. Steiner
(September 2007)
Audrey Dick Kessler by Raymond J. Steiner (June '07)
Michael Fattizzi at the Dog House Gallery (Sept '06)
Linda Richichi at River Winds Gallery (June 2006)
Patrick Milbourn at Gallery M (June 2006)
Karen Whitman at the Woodstock Artists Association (Jan/Feb 2006)
Teachers of the Art Students League of NY: Daniel Greene, Burton Silverman, & Sharon Sprung at Gallery Henoch (Oct 2005)
Franz Heigemeir at the Woodstock Artists Association (July, 2005)
Keith Gunderson and John Varriano at Mark Gruber Gallery (April, 2005)

Burton Silverman: Recent Paintings at Henoch Gallery (Dec, 2004)
Menahem Lewin at Roshkowska Galleries (Aug, 2004)
Dion Yannatos at the Woodstock Artists Association (Mar, 2004 RJS)
Yale Epstein & Jolyon Hofsted at the Watermark / Cargo Gallery (Nov, 2003 RJS)
Eric Aho at the Tremaine Gallery at the Hotchkiss School (May, 2003 RJS)
Adam Straus at Nohra Haime Gallery (Apr, 2003 RJS)
Josephine Bloodgood at the WAA (Apr, 2003 RJS)
Marilyn Henrion at NOHO Gallerry (J/F, 2002 RJS)
Darryl Zudeck at Gallery Henoch (J/F, 2002 RJS)
Ray Turner at J. Cacciola Galleries (J/F, 2002 RJS)
Gerald Samuels at the Coffey Gallery (Dec, 2002 RJS)
Susan Fogel Morris at Museum of the Hudson Highlands (Sept, 2002 RJS)
Osamu Kato at Upstream Gallery (Aug, 2002 RJS)
Nancy Catandella at R & F (Apr, 2002 RJS)