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Previously Published Film Essays

Monthly columns about film are written by Henry P. Raleigh, Southold, NY, whose often satirical views give readers a good chuckle. Raleigh is Professor Emeritus of Art, SUNY, New Paltz, NY where he taught (also as chair of the Studio Art and Art History Departments and Co-Dean of the Faculty Fine and Performing Arts) since 1968. His love is film. Most of his writings for Art and Educational Journals concern Aesthetics, Creativity and Criticism. He is a fine classical painter with numerous solo exhibitions to his credit.

Most Recent:
Looking into the Abyss
(May/ June 2012)

The Last Picture Show
(online April 2012)
Apocalyptic Films
(March/ April 2012)
How to Talk Smart about Films
(February online 2012)
(January/ February 2012)
Jane Eyre December (December online 2011)
It's Good to be a Mogul November/ December 2011
Luis Bunel: unsurpassed absurdist/satirical maker of ever-fascinating filmsOctober 2011 online
ScriptWritingSeptember/ October 2011
August online 2011
July/ August 2011
Are you 2.0?
June 2011 online
Mr. Scott and Me: Raleigh writes about his disagreements with this Film Critic May/ June 2011
Actors and their Beady-Eyed Sneers April online 2011
Dogs and Murder
March/ April 2011
Mr Bordwell and Blinking in Films
February 2011 online
Sometimes Curmudgeons Laugh
Jan/ Feb 2011
Film Historian David Bordwell's thoughts on Blinking
Dec. 2010 online
The Three Required Great Works of Art
November/ December 2010
At War with Algorithms
October 2010 online
My Second Chance
Sept/ Oct 2010
Last Man Standing August 2010 Online
Significant Miscellany: algorithms are replacing movie critics.(July/ August 2010)
Culture (June online 2010)
The Old Avatar(May/ June 2010)
Bite Me : the undead genre (Mar/ Apr '10)
Don't Miss It! (Feb 10 online)
Where Happened to the Releases '09 (Jan/ Feb 10)
Nostalgia (Dec 09 online)
Swan Song (Nov/ Dec 2009)
Little Known but Memorable Movie Scenes (Sept/ Oct 2009)
The Odyssey Film (July/August 2009)
Then and Now (June 2009)
What Does Film Tell Us (May 2009)
If Darwin Went to the Movies (April 2009)
My Million-Dollar Plan (March 2009)
Something Else to Watch Out For (Jan/Feb 2009)
Another Scientific Report (December 2008)
A Scientific Report (November 2008)
We'll Still Love You, Ed Wood (October 2008)
Loss of Character (September 2008)
Does Film Criticism Have a Future?(July August 2008)
Something is Going On (June 2008)
How the Stars were Formed: Hollywood Science (May 2008)
Report Cards (April 2008)
Things Remembered, Things Forgotten (March 2008)
The Great Critical Debate (January/ February 2008)
Dangerous Boys (December 2007)
Harry Deified
(November 2007)
It's all in the Pronunciation (October 2007)
The Web Must Do Without Me (September 2007)
Stars and Asteroids (July/August 2007)
Two Hundred and Ninety-Nine (June 2007)
Sipping From the Fountain (May 2007)
Healthy Horror (April 2007)
Forced Into the Digital Age (March 2007)
Reminiscing With Curmudgeons (January February 2007)
A Bad War
(December 2006)
How Hollywood Invented Teenagers (November 2006)
Errors in the History of Film Criticism (October 2006)
Getting Ready (September 2006)
Film Criticism: It's Not A Science (July/August 2006)
More Cultural Exchanges (June, 2006)
Film Writing Style (May, 2006)
Exodus (April, 2006)
Some Films Deserve a Vote (March, 2006)
Hollywood at War (Jan/Feb, 2006)
The Dimming of the Stars (December, 2005)
The China Connection (November, 2005)
A Curmudgeion's Lament (October, 2005)
Worlds at War Again. (September, 2005)
The Menace of Cornfields. (August, 2005)
Hard Work, Happy Holiday. Later. (July, 2005)
The Iliad According to Hollywood (June, 2005)
Documenting a Legend (May, 2005)
Play it Again and Again, Sam (April, 2005)
A Film Strategist (March, 2005)
Look, Don't Listen (Jan/Feb, 2005)