Event calendar submission form

In order to have your Calendar listings in print and online in ART TIMES they must be submitted ON this form. Listings are for Cultural events only. We will review submissions for appropriateness. The form must be completed as per examples given. There is no guarantee that your listing will appear in print or online.
If you have difficulty try a different browser; cutting and pasting information into fields often causes problems.

Deadlines for print:

                       Feb 18 for Spring:  March/ April/ May  
                       May 18 for Summer:  June/ July/ August
                       August 18 for Fall:  September/ October/ November
                       November 18 for Winter:  December/ January/ February

If you miss the print deadline we can quickly upload the listing for a $20 late fee and include a hotlink to the sponsor’s website.
Listings submitted after the deadline will appear in the next month's online calendar. eg: Listing submitted on Feb 25 will appear online in the April calendar (assuming it is still relevant).

Online Calendar:

Deadline: 18th of month preceding issue. eg: Mar 18 for April online.
Classes, workshops, films and other categories not included in print guidelines will be included online.

Email cs@arttimesjournal.com with questions.

If you can read this notice your web browser may not be compatible with this web form. You can try a different web browser and/or email cs@arttimesjournal.com.